Art Hacking® turns artists into sparring partners and creative catalysts in the innovation process.

Head of Art Hacking® and Management

Prof. Dr. Berit Sandberg | Professor of Business Administration

pulls sparkling threads through groups of people and labyrinths.

Secret weapon: Pulse radar with depth of focus

Curriculum Vitae

Head of Art Hacking® for Leadership

Martin Stiefermann | Choreographer

is a hyper-energetic transformation frog.

Secret weapon: Flex connector 

Selected artists

Franziska Reinbothe | Painter

can wink so perfectly that the world falls over.

Secret weapon: Periscope with eyelashes

Katja Tannert | Actress

is a fearless shape-shifter with caring thrust.

Secret Weapon: Golden-eared dunce cap

Till Schwabenbauer | Conductor and Musician

is grooving at the speed of light between worlds.

Secret weapon: Fireflies with spin

Jens Vilela Neumann | Director and Theater Maker

gets people jumping over their shadows with contagious waves of laughter.

Secret Weapon: Tantalizing myth memory