Art Hacking® is an open-ended, moderated communication and problem-solving process that picks up on phases and tactics of artistic work and applies them to management tasks: from the thought blockade to the surprising change of perspective – in five steps.

Art Hacking® dramaturgy

1. Attunement

The collective creative process begins with curiosity, appreciation and mindfulness. The casual undermining of blockages encourages exchanging views openly and leads to unknown territory.

2. Creative Research

Participants explore the possible interpretations of a situation and during the intensive analysis develop a sense for viable solutions that integrate different perspectives.

3. Single-minded Play

First ideas are collected and inventively explored. The play with metaphors, contrasts and extreme scenarios changes thinking and opens a space of unforeseen possibilities.

4. Composition

The participants translate approaches into stories, pictures and objects. They condense ideas in artistic media and sharpen the details step by step, so that a concept develops organically.

5. Showing

The solution is subjected to critical external reviews, refined or completely modified, and takes shape as a work. The collective sculpture or graphic tells others an imaginative story, sparking the innovation.

A workshop lasts two to five days and can be held with up to 24 participants. The topic determines the scope and the concrete contents.